Petal Pushers, Etc.

Flower Arrangements made to order for all of your special occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How soon do customers have to commit themselves for special events or special orders? 

A. Special events should be booked as early as possible (not only to make sure we are still available for your date, but also so that we have time to find the freshest flowers specific to your tastes). 


Q. How much will an event cost? 

A. Of course you can spend as much money as you like.  You determine the Cost according to Your budget - We can work with you to give you a beautiful event using more less expensive flowers while still making a huge impact. 


Q. Is it possible to order Spring flowers in the Fall?  

A. We can usually get all kinds of flowers all year around, but, some flowers are a lot more expensive out of season (i.e. peonies) - and, due to shipping, not all flowers arrive in great shape when they are coming out of season from the other side of the world. 


Q. Should I bring a photo or picture of something I really like

A. Absolutely, and we'll try to replicate what you like as best we can using the flowers shown or something very similar to your picture. 


Q. Can Petal Pushers, Etc. offer monthly or weekly floral arrangements to a special someone? 

A. Absolutely, and we deliver throughout the area. And we can offer you a weekly/monthly discount !


If you have a question - please email us