Garden Shop Garden Shop Eco-Friendly Flying-Floating Sky Lanterns WOW!!!! 183953046 142774526 Giant Peacock among the Birds 132120097 Cacti Dish Gardens 126251331 Hanging Wooden Birdhouses and Glass Hummingbird Feeders 125916408 Pewter Filigree Peacock Garden Statue 35 Inches Tall With Blue Glass Beads 125918657 Art-In-Motion Glow Spinners 125919617 Flock of Nerdy Birds Down Under Garden Art 125912154 Flock of Peacocks that Light Up Two "AA" batteries can light up your bird for 4 hours everyday for about 4 months - automatically at dusk. Great Patio or Garden accent. 127300489 3-Crackle Glass Balls - Color-Changing LED Light Two "C" batteries for indoor or outdoor lights - Auto 4 or 8 hour timer turns on everyday at the same time (batteries last about 4 months). Hang from the ceiling or outside from a tree limb. arbor, or under the umbrella. Balls gently cycle through colors at night ! 127309935 Assorted Baby Filigree Peacock Cavorting with Cranes and Large Filigree Peacocks 127300492 Pewter Crane and Filigree Peacock Garden Statues Large and small metal and glass statues made to withstand the elements. Really lovely! 127300491 Garden Cranes 127300494 Crane and Peacock Friends 127300493 Garden Stakes in Assorted Sizes 127309932 LED Branch Light Among the Flower Stakes Battery powered - automatic 4 or 8 hour timer turns on same time everday. Branched bend to blend around plants or shrubs. (38 inches ). Use safely indoors or outside. 127309937 Rustic Handcrafted Birdhouses Made in Deep Gap, North Carolina 130413729 Welcome 131170647 142774524 144018194 Baby Birds 132120096 142774525 Peacock Stakes 132120099 Peacock Stake in Peace Lily 132120100 Colorful Baby Peacocks 132121474 142774527 144018195 144018193 Hand-built NC Bird House 193124655 NC Bird Houses 193124656 Ready to hang Outside 193124657 203785146 203785147 203785148 203785149