Petal Pushers, Etc.

Flower Arrangements made to order for all of your special occasions.

About Myself:



I moved  from NYC  to North Carolina in the 80's and fell in love with the South.  I immediately started gardening outside - until then I had filled my various NYC apartments with plants from top to bottom.  Well, gardening outside was much more fun, and with several acres, I planted my heart out.  Then a couple of years ago, I started working in a floral shop and I started   making a living  doing what I love.  My husband and I were planning to eventually come to Emerald Isle to retire, but when Petal Pushers, Etc. came on the market in the Summer of 2010,  we  just couldn't let this opportunity pass us by and so we bought the shop and  have moved to beautiful Emerald Isle to prosper in spirit and mind and all the while work with flowers and plants and bring smiles (and sometimes tears) to other peoples eyes with flowers.  Life is beautiful.  Flowers make it smell good, too. And best of all, I get to bring my Yo-Yo Ma to work with me every day.

Andrea Muller, your Emerald Isle Florist