Petal Pushers, Etc. Petal Pushers, Etc. Handcrafted chime display rack - fine woodwork by Steve Glenn Carpentry 119403737 Showroom 163432813 Garden ornaments, hummingbird feeders 111722069 Baskets 111722070 Robert Kline Illustrations & Stories Sea Maidens and Pirates, with Stories of Sir Edmund Roberts' Quest for Sea Maidens. An account of the 19th century hunt for seamaidens and adventure and romance. 119496574 Evelyn Cassaday - Local Artist Original artwork from local artist Framed oils of landscapes and seascapes 119497706 Oils and Watercolor Paintings by Local Artist Evelyn Cassaday Paintings - - - Oyster Shell Lamp by George Miars 119498213 Glass display case of candle sets, gifts, and handcrafted jewelry 111722071 Candles, vases, and gifts 111722068 Metal Flower Stakes 125912158 Dichroic Glass Paperweights Micro-layers of Metal Oxides give the Glass its Optical Properties. Wow ! These are Beautiful ! 127302508 Beautiful Handmade Soy Candles Candles Handmade in Massachusetts. 8 oz. Aromatherapy and 8 oz. Sweetly Scented Tureens and Coconut Shell Soy Candles and Under The Sea Candles in Fish Bowls. 127302916 Handmade Indoor/Outdoor 20" Pillows Manual Woodworkers and Weavers of North Carolina $25 each. 122992138 Surf Shop, Island Paradise, and Lighthouse Birdhouses 128878349 Yacht Club Bird House 128878350 Wedding Chapel Birdhouse 128878991 Handcrafted throws made in North Carolina 130267369 Manuel Woodworkers and Weavers of North Carolina Turtle Afgan throw 130267370 Manuel Woodworkers and Weavers of NC totes 130267371 Birdhouses made in North Carolina Hand built in Deep Gap, NC 131100062 Pewter Crane Eyeballing Indoor/Outdoor Pillows Handmade by The Manual Woodworkers andWeavers of North Carolina 131100063 132123952 132123954 132124138 Birds flocking around pink Christmas Tree 142538811 142538812 Petal Pusher's Etc. is making a floral donation for 11012 Inlet Drive 153524003 Screen Fish by Heather 163430232 Local Artist: Heather Stouffer 163430233 Screen Fish by Local Artist 163430234 Local Artist : Heather Stouffer 163430235 Fish Ornaments by Local Artist 163430237 Robert Kline's Light House Prints 163430238 Screen Fish 163432810 Local Artist Heather Stouffer Originals on Canvas 163432811 Heather Stouffer Limited Print - Local Artist 163432812 Showroom 163432814 163435016 Live Exotic Orchid 163432815 163435017 Live Exotic Orchid 163432816 163435018 163435019 169645856 170731554 Beautiful Local Jewelry by Belle Dew Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled and Natural Collection of Fossils and Stones. 191721642 Belle Dew 191721643 198869690 198869691 198869692 198869694 198869695 201267528 201267529 201267531